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Our purpose is to welcome you to Internet version 2.0

The old internet, Internet 1.0, is fading fast. Along with it go all the impersonal and content-free junk websites. Say goodbye to the cheap buiz-opp pages. Bid farewell to the banner farms and the half-baked affiliate scams lurking around every mouse-click!

Its over!

Understand this:

Very few ordinary people became millionaires during the reign of ‘Internet version 1.0’.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Many super-affiliates would have you believe that they got rich off the internet alone. This was rarely true. Most of the successful internet guru’s had a broad and sophisticated understanding of marketing long before they started marketing on the web. If you don’t understand how you are being cheated and scammed, you shouldn’t spend a dime to create an internet business. You must first begin with the end in mind!

We are here to save you time. We would want nothing less for you!

Yes we have stuff to sell. Yes we have mentoring programs and relationships we would like to build. Even so, we will never ignore your personal interests. We will never push aside your personal experience in order to sell you some cheap information product.

We leave our telephone number so that you may call us anytime about our mentoring program.

Leaving a telephone number is the first step in developing long term business relationships on the internet. It is the primary rule for installing the internet version 2.0.

We are not selling you cheap and easy get-rich quick schemes. Our purpose is to save you time and money. We have already spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on educational programs! We have blown big bucks on self-help business and internet success kits. Many of these kits were useless.

We have already spent thousands of dollars on useless and scammy internet advertising.

Why not save yourself money and time? Partner with someone who has already spent tons of money!

We seek to develop personal and lasting business relationships with partners on every corner of the globe. Even more importantly, we want to show ordinary people how to cut through the hype and the lies of internet version 1.0 and begin installing version 2.0 today!

Sincerely, BSA Staff-

Russell M. Wright


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