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Carleton Sheets and Carlton Sheets

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I did an actual search to find out how many people misspell Carleton's name, and indeed it is a common typo. We have included both spellings to provide a search engine friendly review.

Mr. Sheets probably has the longest running infomercial on television. He is like an old friend who shows up in your bedroom at 2 a.m. when nothing else is on. Thousands of people still order his seminar from 'EI' or the Education Institute. I have had nothing but good experience with this organization (IE), and although they are definitely out to make money- they seem to be selecting quality products and services for the absolute beginner. The infomercial they promote currently is the Robert Kiyosaki  Choose to be Rich seminar, which is actually fantastic. You must begin somewhere, correct?

Is it really 'Zero Money Down' ?

I have listened to literally hundreds of hours of Carlton Sheets. I believe he is an excellent first step as you prepare to plunge into real estate investing. For the absolute beginner, he provides the nuts-and-bolts. He gives the primary strategies for no money down real estate purchasing and even provides live telephone interviews with potential sellers. This was my absolute favorite part of Carlton's audio CD series. Knowing the right questions to ask is the most important part. It is half the battle. In fact, after I listened to this section, I actually called a few properties in order to test his phone script system and it actually does work very very well. If you applied yourself, it is certain that after looking at maybe 100 or 150 deals you might find something that was ideal. Maybe fewer. Maybe even no money down.

However. I believe that the course is a little overpriced because you can get the basic information at the library. Granted, this is also true with many information products, but I believe Mr. Sheets should stop running these infomercials or at least lower his price for the kit. You see, it is not good to purchase 'no money down' real estate if you don't have any money. If something goes wrong, you are screwed. You need to have some capital, because if you don't you probably do not have good cash flow management skills anyway. Carlton spends about five minutes explaining how you do NOT need good credit to buy real estate but that it's a very very good idea to have it. He explains how you may increase your credit by purchasing an installment loan at your local bank through purchasing a bond in that bank. Then you pay it off over six or twelve months and move on to the next bank. Soon your credit rating sky-rockets, and your ready to invest in real estate.

I recommend that you read our SOS system before you decide to purchase Carlton's material. Read one of his books or borrow a tape from a friend before you buy the whole collection. It is good to have it in your collection when you can already afford it! Decide first where you are in the SOS system before you purchase his material. In my opinion, Claude Diamond has a lot more interesting information. Carlton is they guy who brought 'no money down' real estate to the masses, but I do not believe it is the best. He provides very little in the area of 'lease option' real estate in his first course, but I have been told that he has a 'lease option' info kit for purchase. I have not yet reviewed this material but will post a review upon completion. Claude Diamond is perhaps the 'original' lease option mentor. I am currently studying his material and I agree with Matt Gagnon, it is completely unique and powerful.

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Carlton and Carleton Sheets



 Carleton Sheets_Secrets  88x31

The Real Estate, The World's Greatest Wealth Builder: The Best-Selling Author Tells How to Make Millions With No Down Payment

The Real Estate,
The World's Greatest Wealth Builder:
The Best-Selling Author Tells How to
Make Millions With No Down Payment.

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