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Don Lapre and The Greatest Vitamin In the World

I just saw Don Lapre's latest infomercial for a new MLM-style vitamin product called 'The Greatest Vitamin In the World'' product.

I laughed out loud when I saw this commercial!

The reason I laughed is because he is so incredibly over-hyped that it becomes comical. The product is some vitamin product which may or may not be 'The Greatest Vitamin In the World", but is packaged in really bright red and orange labeling with volcanoes erupting etc. etc.

I have not tried the product, so I will not comment on it. I will, however, make a prediction.

This product and its MLM or Direct sales campaign will not exist for more than 8 months. Maybe even less.

I will be adding updates as to the progress of this new campaign, and I have included Matt Gagnon's review below. It is very likely that there is a massive back-end package costing anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 dollars maybe more. Since they are spending so much money on television advertising, they are probably offering promotion packages and Television leads at very very high cost's.

BSA is still investigating Don Lapre's new system and has left 'The greatest vitamin in the world' unrated. I must try to give the benefit of the doubt even though we are skeptical.

We will give
Don Lapre's



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