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Free Report CD's

Free reports are sold by people who don't have any real information of their own to sell. These people also sell them in the back area of business opportunity magazines. You pay a few dollars for them, and you get super-general information.

I think this is silly. It is fine to get a 'free report' CD as a bonus with a real product. Matt Gagnon gives away a free report CD but he is not really charging you for it, and there is some useful information on there which you can sort through later.

I would not spend a lot of time with these free reports. I have a money making suggestion for you about how to use such an item. If you would like to know more, please call my office at 608-254-7070, or e-mail me at:              russell@ecurrency.tv

BSA gives
'free report CD's'

We could not say enough about the electronic ecurrency exchange merchant program, so we put up another website dedicated to the future of global ecurrency (electronic currency) and the ecurrency exchange merchant business opportunity program. This is by far the most powerful money making system we have ever seen. By the amount of time it takes to learn, it is also the most "realistic" opportunity we have ever seen. It is well worth spending the 30 days to learn this system.


The ecurrency exchange merchant opportunity is not really a "get-rich-quick" program which is why we gave it our five star rating.

 If you have any questions please visit our ecurrency website called http://www.ecurrency.tv and join our mentoring group where you will avoid the pitfalls that we spent years collectively learning. Call us at 608-254-7070 and ask to speak to Leroy, Russell or Jean. Leroy runs our Ecurrency Merchant Exchange business full time.

We have the most powerful Ecurrency Merchant Trading "Online VideoTraining" mentorship programs on the market. You will also have access to real people not just automated videos and "fly by night" Camtasia tutorials. The folks you will meet learning this system you will know for many years.

When you buy our start up training package, it is only the beginning.  You will learn in DAYS what it has taken some of us YEARS to learn. You will not find a more skilled, concise, or educated Ecurrency Merchant Exchange think-tank mentoring system on the web!

We can't wait to meet you and get started!

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