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Government Loans & Grants

Matthew Lesko is the most popular ‘grant and loan’ guru. Through his books you will learn a variety of secrets avenues to leverage capital and create money out of thin air.

Just understand that you are not going to get a loan or a grant overnight. I think the reason these books sell so well is because they tend to ‘hype hope’. They give people options which give them hope. But usually the steps needed to make the dream a reality is too hard for most people.

When times are hard, everyone is looking for free money where there isn’t any. They need some kind of option. This is why zero-money down real estate seminars are so popular. This is why people buy anything with the word ‘free’ in it. In my opinion, Matthew Lesko’s books do provide a valuable service and you can read about that in my Matthew Lesko article. This review is about the government loan and grant  scams that will suck away anywhere from 100 to 1000 dollars worth of your money.

The big scam in the government loans and grants industry is the overpriced seminar and information sales and the dishonesty up front about what you a being sold.

I had a client who spent 100 dollars to buy an ‘instant government grant’ kit. The sales copy was really good and the promises were many. In the end he felt really scammed because he had no clue how to use all of the information, and the instructions were still too general. He miay have done better to have bought a set of encyclopedia Britanica’s in order to find a decent loan. Well, guess what? The company called him back and upsold him a 750 dollar seminar on how to actually use the kit he bought from them! That is a back-end sale and not a scam, but there is such a thing as generating totally misleading claims and promises in order to offer a back-end product. In my personal opinion it is better if a back-end product is stand-alone and not dependent upon the first product your customer has purchased, otherwise it can be 'gimmickie' and even scam material. I hate gimmicks.

I would say that too many people buy these government loan and grant kits for the wrong reasons. They buy them when times are tough, not when they are creating a strategy to build a business. They should buy these kits when they have real cash-flow and incorporate the methods of acquiring loans and grants during the good times. These are invaluable skills!

If you are seeking a loan or a grant to start a small business you have an excellent chance of getting one if you are a minority or if you are a woman! Find a trusted advisor who understands the federal government’s granting policies. Make them your friend. Learn from them.

Don’t pay huge amounts of money to learn about this subject. You can use the public library or purchase one of Matthew Lesko’s smaller books for very little money. We have put a link below. We only recommend Matthew' s material.

BSA gives government loan and grant scams 

We could not say enough about the electronic ecurrency exchange merchant program, so we put up another website dedicated to the future of global ecurrency (electronic currency) and the ecurrency exchange merchant business opportunity program. This is by far the most powerful money making system we have ever seen. By the amount of time it takes to learn, it is also the most "realistic" opportunity we have ever seen. It is well worth spending the 30 days to learn this system.


The ecurrency exchange merchant opportunity is not really a "get-rich-quick" program which is why we gave it our five star rating.

 If you have any questions please visit our ecurrency website called http://www.ecurrency.tv and join our mentoring group where you will avoid the pitfalls that we spent years collectively learning. Call us at 608-254-7070 and ask to speak to Leroy, Russell or Jean. Leroy runs our Ecurrency Merchant Exchange business full time.

We have the most powerful Ecurrency Merchant Trading "Online VideoTraining" mentorship programs on the market. You will also have access to real people not just automated videos and "fly by night" Camtasia tutorials. The folks you will meet learning this system you will know for many years.

When you buy our start up training package, it is only the beginning.  You will learn in DAYS what it has taken some of us YEARS to learn. You will not find a more skilled, concise, or educated Ecurrency Merchant Exchange think-tank mentoring system on the web!

We can't wait to meet you and get started!

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