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Dean Graziosi's Motor Millions

Dean Graziosi sells an automobile auctioning system that allows you to become a car dealer from home.

I purchased Dean's Motor Millions kit after I searched around on the internet for a review. There was very little feedback about this program because it was pretty new. There was one website with a couple of complaints about his products, but I liked the fact that Dean responded to these complaints directly on the website. One customer was attacking him verbally and bringing up stuff about his past. I honestly hate flame sites because most of the time these sites are people with a small gripe and nothing to do.

The Motor Millions kit arrived in about two weeks. It had very slick looking package. It looked really nice. The manuals were very well printed and easy to understand. The video's were well packaged and very easy to follow. I actually did learn a little about car purchasing and inspection even though I already have some basic experience. The video that I really liked was Dean going over every square inch of a potential purchase with a mechanic. Good info, although he forgets to mention that you need a license to deal multiple automobiles in most states.

I have some gripes  of course. I kept waiting for the back-end salesperson to call me with some kind of 'business package'.

 About one week later, the the call came. The back end business package was very very expensive. Around 5,000 dollars. The 'promotional' package included a voice recorded 'sales pitch' by Dean Graziosi himself that would allow me the 'exclusive' rights to run my own infomercial on a local television network. With this I was suppose to drive offline traffic to my website. They also promised to help me promote my website if I joined their USA car network system. This system was loosely defined, and in my opinion, inadequate. I wanted to see how far the salesman would go, so a strung him along for several days in order to see if it was a scam or not. He was very hard working. They put several people on the phone, and I asked tons of questions. I always do this.

You have to understand this. I had already paid seventy five dollar for some silly affiliate website that was not well explained or well laid out at the time. I was already getting a sense of flim-flam web marketing. This type of website sales and promotion takes advantage of the average consumers poor internet experience. These groups sell crap because they know the consumer doesn't yet know the value of the technology.

My 'personal accounts manager' started to get more and more uncomfortable as I asked more and more questions. I asked about the conversion rate, the percentage commission to the website owner as a 'platinum' member,  and the average number of hours per week I should work. In the end it was looking pretty bleak, even to the sales rep. He never did call me back. Heh.

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Motors Millions

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