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Business Systems Automated, Inc.

Personal Resume

Russell Wright

Office 608-254-7070     
Customer Acquisition - Advertising Research - Internet Marketing

Referral Marketing – Copywriting and Sales Copy – Customer Service

Telemarketing - Forensic Marketing Analysis 

Russell Wright is owner and CEO of Business Systems Automated and has ten years of television advertising, sales, marketing, and Search Engine Optimization experience. BSA provides business assessments and forensic marketing analysis for companies of any size, via Icon Interactive.


Russell currently subcontracts as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  analyst and consultant for Icon Interactive, a Wisconsin web development and search engine optimization firm.


Russell worked as a commercial video editor for TV Media Creative in Durango, Colorado. This job started as a one-time consulting job and ended as an employed position. Duties included archiving and presenting products while editing copy and bringing various television commercials to market. His editing system was the Avid 8000 apple based editor. His best know commercial was a 30 minute infomercial that played on the Sci-Fi channel for a product called Oxy-Clean. This product is now available in Walmart. Like the products that it promoted, TV Media Creative became obsolete. The company became downsized by its mother company in Singapore. Russell and family moved to Wisconsin.  


 Russell was a founding employee of Transecon Inc. before it went public as Gaiam Inc. under the leadership of Lynn Powers and CEO Jirka Rysavy in early 1999.  Jirka is also founder and CEO of Corporate Express, (a fortune 500 company) and personally hired Russell to manage the AVID 8000 editing suite. This is the television commercial and product promotion editing suite) in Broomfield, Colorado from 1997-1998. The company paid for Russell’s six month intensive video marketing and television editing course at Redrocks College, not to mention thousands of hours of miscellaneous marketing and sales training. He organized voice and video talent, wrote scripts and storyboards, assisted in major VHS productions that are now available nationally in explorations magazine, via Gaiam Inc. Major video production credits include ‘Walking Between the Worlds’ (3 hour series) produced and edited for author and lecturer Greg Braden. 

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