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'Secrets of the Big Dogs'

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I got involved with the 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' during my newbie stage on the internet. I was full of hope. I still had a 'willing suspension of disbelief'.

Joining the 'Big Dogs program seemed like a good idea at the time. I have had several friendly conversations with Big Dog's creator Stan M Stuchinski, and he is a decent guy. He puts his name on his website and is willing  mentor customers when they call him. The bottom line is that this program, (like so many other affiliate programs), sells selling.

What do I mean by 'selling selling'? Basically you are selling a product that teaches selling a product that teaches selling a product that teaches . . .get it?

In other words, I wouldn't take the  'Secrets of the Big Dogs'  program too seriously. It takes up huge amounts of your time and for very little return overall.

I would only participate in this program if I had lots of time and decent capital to blow, because blow it you will. There are occasionally people running the ' 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ' program who have lots of marketing experience or who are trying to hone their 'online marketing skills'. These people do make actual sales, because they can sell anything. One of my internet mentors, Tony Seruga, encouraged me to buy the Big Dog's program in order to practice tracking my own advertisements. At that time I really hated him for it. It was pretty tough to make money. In retrospect I am glad he 'made' me do it. It was the one online boot-camp that effects the way I look at ad-tracking still today. I'm still not going to give you my affiliate link for this program, however, and you will not find it anywhere on the BSA website!

If the truth be known, these types of programs are for suckers. They are used by people who are brand new on the internet. They do not really understand referral marketing and offline business. They do not have their own product to sell yet.

There are some successful 'Big Dogs' affiliates. They have a specific personality type. See if you match the profile:

These personality types are a particular breed! They live online and know how to write great sales copy. They are interested in sitting in front of the computer most of the day. They enjoy the abstraction of products that have little substance. They like the feeling of opening their e-mail box and seeing that some sucker has just bought the 'Big Dogs' book off of their affiliate link. They have excellent organizational skills and are able to track their advertisements while submitting their affiliate link to tens of thousands of FFA pages, e-Zines, ad-blasters, search engines, safe lists and start page automaters. Aaaaaargh!

Although 'The Secret of the Big Dogs' is not a scam, it is important for people to understand what it is and is not good for:

It is not good for replacing your income or your job.

It is not good to expect returns and sales within your first 3 months.

It is not free. Especially if you market the book correctly. In fact you will spend around 250 to 350 dollars a month minimum.

Lets go over what the  'Secrets of the Big Dogs'  program IS good for:

It is good for training your mind and honing your computer skills. If you have lots of time and want to learn bulk marketing and FFA ad-blasting, it is an excellent place to start.

It is good for learning how to track your personal advertisements. This is an incredibly important skill that many people never learn. Stan covers this very well in the Big Dog's manual! This is why BSA will give Stan's the Secrets of the Big Dogs program

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