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Stephan Ducharme

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Stephan Lecharme is a genius. I don't really care what other people say about him or his book. He is also a really nice guy, because I have spent lots of time with him on the telephone. A lot of his success has to do with the fact that he has great offline skills. He has terrific relationship building tactics in both marketing and sales. He also writes really good ad-copy. In fact I will use his website as an example of exactly how to write super effective emotional copy. He understands the 'Feel' + 'Felt' + 'Discover' flow of emotional ad-copy. He is in fact an expert. I know how you FEEL- this is how I FELT- and here is something NEW. He is a great salesman. However . . .

I will not recommend that you buy Stephan Lecharme's book. Here's why:

You will find many people on the internet complaining about Stephan Lecharme right now. Most of them are upset about his return policy. They say he does not give people their money back. I do not know if this is true, because when I bought his book, I printed it and read the whole thing.

Hey! Your book is not done!!! I want my money back!

The biggest complaint is that he was selling an e-book from moneyhome that was not finished. Many people do not believe this! I am here to tell you that this is absolutely true. I did not like this at all. He did sell me an unfinished e-book, and he was such a nice guy on the phone that I could not complain!  Basically his e-book had the last 5 chapters missing, but he was selling it before he could really tell you what to do!

But this was not the worst part! He was back-ending very expensive software before I was ready or prepared to use it.

How dare you pitch me on 3,000 dollars worth of software tools before your e-book is even done!

Stephan's book is not bad, yet it is really designed for the affiliate beginner and he was pitching a couple different software programs at two different price points. One of these software programs was not so expensive, and was called 'Spider' or something. I don't believe it is in use anylonger. The other one was a very very expensive piece of e-mail and affiliate gathering software. I do not know if it is still sold. I do know that had I bought it, I was probably not ready to use it, and since his book was not done, I would have had to sit around and wait for him to mentor me through his techniques.

The purpose of the spidering software was to collect the e-mail addresses and websites of super-affiliates and somehow establish a relationship with them. Not a bad idea and sometimes effective. But most people do not have these kinds of people skills. There is also a WHOLE lot more to the process than that! I would avoid being sucked into Stephan's e-book. There are ways to get his information without paying the big bucks!

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