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Money as an Idea

By LeRoy Diener

Money is an idea.  Money is what we agree it is.  Money is perception.  Nothing more and nothing less.  In order to achieve appropriate behavior around money, it is essential to follow this principle.

Even though it may not appear logical to most people, this remains true nevertheless. By learning this, you are opening your mind to true wealth.

Since I am keeping this article basic, I will introduce some ideas, but not delve very deeply into them.

I give more thorough coverage of these ideas in other articles.

While growing up, I was not fully informed about money.  I witnessed people thinking of money with fear, which caused their minds to freeze up.

Thus, I was actually misinformed.

The only reason people do not regard money as an idea is because of fear.

Understanding helps reduce fear.

Objects are different from ideas.

To explain what I am talking about, here is an example.

If I give you an apple, I no longer have that apple.

If I tell you that eating apples is healthy, I still have that idea.  In fact, the more I teach that idea, the more I will believe it.

My belief in any idea is strengthened every time I express the idea.  I have noticed that this is a primary motivator (usually subconscious) for many of the words people say to each other.  This principle leads to Exercise 1, Communication Awareness (below).  Expressing my ideas has two results.  First, it introduces the idea into the minds of other people.  This gives the idea more strength in the collective consciousness.  Second, it reinforces my belief in it.  Every time I hear an idea (passive), it occupies a little more space in my consciousness.  Every time I teach an idea (active), it occupies even more space in my consciousness.

The more passion that is used to express the idea, the greater the impact.  The more passion that is used to express the idea, the greater the impact.  See what I mean?

This impact can be positive or negative, depending on how I view the idea and how it fits into my perception of the world.

The above illustrates the basic spiritual principle that ideas increase by being given away.

This leads to an important question:  What ideas about money are you teaching yourself every day?  When I was growing up, I taught myself to fear money and hate money.  What ideas about yourself and your potential for success are you teaching yourself every day?  This is the basis of many self-help programs.  I will give you a simple exercise, Exercise 2:  Affirming your money ideas (see below).

Exercise 1:  Communication awareness.

Principle:  A primary motivator for human communication is attempting to strengthen an idea or to convince oneself of the truth of an idea.  I recommend that you check this out for yourself.  With this awareness, see how many of the words you hear every day fit into this category.  Secondly and more importantly, see how many of the words you speak every day fit into this category.  When I say words, I mean the ideas expressed by the words, the content of the communication.  You can evaluate this using percentage if you want.

Exercise 2:  Affirming your money ideas.

Once you have become aware of the spectrum of ideas that you have been teaching yourself from exercise 1, now focus on what you express daily regarding money.  If you do not notice very many money ideas, you may want to look for repressed ideas.  Ask yourself how you view money.  Do you see it as fluid?  Do you feel fear?  Lack?  Anxiety?  Hatred?  Conflict?  Guilt?  Undeserving?  Excluded (socially)?  How do you regard people with more money than you?

Identifying negative emotions is the first step to letting them go.  Next, you want to develop positive affirmations expressing ideas that you would like to have about money.  Then, tell yourself these ideas every day.  This is simple. 


If money is an idea, it should be treated as an idea.

Ideas are fluid.  Money is fluid.  Ideas flow from one person to another.  Money flows from one person to another.  That is why money is called currency.  Ideas increase as they flow.  Money increases as it flows.  Because ideas are fluid, they change and evolve.  Because money is fluid, its value changes as markets evolve.

When ideas are combined, the combination has greater value than the sum of its parts.  (For example, motors and wheels have more usefulness when combined than separately.)

Fiduciary power increases when capital is combined and when partnerships are formed.

Money is fluid, not solid.  The only reason money is perceived as solid is because of fear.  Fear can make any idea appear solid and real.  Fear freezes.  Relaxation makes fluid.  In the condition of fear, the mind will twist all new data into verification for the fear.  Fear makes it difficult to see things truly.  Fear can make it difficult to see money as fluid.

F   False

E   Evidence

A   Appearing

R   Real 

It is important to treat objects as objects and to treat ideas as ideas. If you mix these up, you will create conflict.

It would be foolish to treat a flowing river (currency) as a solid.  It is fluid.  In physics, solids and fluids have different physical properties.

The poor generally treat money as a solid.

The rich generally treat money as fluid because they understand the properties of money.

The middle-class care about how much money they have (solid).

The rich care about what their money is doing for them (liquid.

Investments generate money.  Where does that money come from?  It seems to come from thin air.

Remember the spiritual principle from above that ideas increase by being given away. 

You have the power to create something from nothing.  In fact, you do it every day.

It is up to you how you choose to use that power.

My objective is to help you to use your power to achieve wealth and freedom.  I also hope to inspire you to become free from fear of your own power.

This leads to another basic spiritual principle.

If there is something that you want, you must first give that away.  If you want to receive a smile, give a smile.  If you want to receive love, give love.  If you want money, you must engage in that action of your mind.  This does not mean that you have to give all of your money away.  But, you must find that spot in your mind.  What does money represent to you?  Freedom? A representation of a state of mind?  An expression of life force?  Or something to hoard?

Wherever I invest my mind, that investment will bear fruit.


When money flows, it becomes energy.  When electricity flows, it provides energy.

The only reason that money is powerful is because it is dynamic.  Money is active.

The more dynamic, the more powerful.

A booming economy is dynamic.

An economy in recession has less activity.

Hope activates the economy.

Fear deadens the economy.

When interest rates drop, economic activity increases.

I would like to introduce a couple of ideas about money.

In order to do this, let’s consider some basics in physics.

When an object moves, it has mass (weight), direction of movement, velocity (speed) in that direction, momentum, energy and power.

There are formulae that relate these aspects.

I propose that the same is true for money.

In order to recognize this, it helps to let go of your fears regarding money.  Fear does not allow you to see money truly.

I want the power associated with money, not just the weight.

Better understanding generally helps alleviate fears regarding money.

To better understand, let’s looks at some physics relationships.


     As mass doubles (and speed is constant):

Momentum doubles

Energy doubles

Power doubles


     As speed doubles (and mass is constant):

Momentum doubles

Energy quadruples

Power quadruples


     If mass and speed both double:

Momentum is multiplied by four

Energy is multiplied by eight

Power is multiplied by eight


Like I said, I want the power associated with money, not just the weight.

Therefore, I want my money to be as fast as possible.  What does that mean?

Here are some questions I like to ask.

How quickly does my investment prosper?

How quickly does my money move from one investment to another?

What is the interest rate or the rate of return on investment?

What is the cash flow?

These questions illustrate the speed of money.

To have energy and power, money must flow.  The faster it flows, the more energy and power.  If you multiply the speed of money by 10, you multiply the energy and power of that money by 100.  But what if the flow stops or slows?  If there is a blockage of the flow of money (same as slowing the flow of water), it loses its energy.  Two forces that can block the flow of money are fear and greed.  On the spiritual side of things, the opposite of abundance is greed.  Here is an analogy for this.  When my hands are full, I cannot receive anything.



 I propose a different measure for wealth.  I just told you that money is energy.  Instead of simply seeing how much cash and assets someone has at any given time, I think in terms of energy.

 I like to define wealth in terms of energy.

Someone’s wealth is how much energy he or she can create at any given time.

Another way to say this is how much activity he or she can generate at any given time.

I might also say the ability to “create something out of nothing.”

Remember, money has the potential to be energy and power.

There are other factors as well.

If I have friends who are willing and able to give me money or do favors for me when I ask, that contributes to my wealth, my potential to create activity.

If I am a motivational speaker or other performer, I can inspire powerful emotions which may translate into activity.

If I have employees or partners who will do what I ask, this also increases my ability to become dynamic.

If I have strong fiduciary power, I can convince bank loan agents and investors to loan me money and thus generate massive financial activity.

 To measure the quantity and speed of money, I have invented the term “momentum of money.”  In my opinion, this idea helps give a better picture of wealth.


In case you did not believe me when I told you above that money is an idea, I will tell you a basic history of money.

Exchange originated in the form of bartering.  As fortunes grew, it was agreed to give value arbitrarily to objects that were found only in small quantities.  The objects that grew to predominance were precious metals, with gold becoming the standard.  When voyagers traveled long distances to deliver gold, they found it safer to leave the gold in a safe place and carry instead a promissory note which represented the gold.  The recipient of the note could then pick up the gold later.  For a while, all money was backed by gold which was kept in storage.  The gold in storage served as collateral.  This gave the notes (paper money) intrinsic value.  During that time, the number of notes that a government printed was limited by the amount of gold they had in storage.

More recently, that changed.  The type of currency we use today is called fiat money.  Fiat money has no intrinsic value.  The value of fiat money is purely theoretical.  Fiat money is not backed by gold.  It is not backed by any collateral.  Fiat money is nothing more than a promise.  A promise is an idea.  It is backed only by the government.  A government is not collateral.  The trustworthiness of the promise is based on the strength of the government and particularly the strength of its military.  If the government is somehow unable or unwilling to honor its promissory notes, there is no other assurance for fiat money.


Leroy Diener

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