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We are required by law to point out that the income claims made are not typical of all users results. You may make more or less. Your results from using our program will be a combination of your own efforts, creating a plan of action that adopts the principles of what we teach, and repeated testing.


BSA materials are for "informational purpose" only. BSA assumes no liability for your marketing efforts.

When you pay $99 plus s/h up front for the Home Business Success Seminar (the buy now option), you get the seminar in your home in just a few days. The seminar is yours to keep. We will include all of the bonuses and give you the secret 7th bonus right when your materials show up. If you choose to do our trial, you pay just the shipping and handling charge of either $12 or $15 (depending on your location) up front. If we do not receive your materials back, in full, within 30 days of purchase, we will assume you are keeping the seminar, and we will bill you for the full price of $99, less the s/h charge you have already paid.

If we do receive your "complete" set of materials back within 30 days of purchase, and they are undamaged and in good working order, you will be billed nothing further.

The 30 Day Trial is payable by credit/debit card only. Orders that are paid by money order or Paypal must pay $99 plus s/h up front.

We actively prosecute anyone caught plagiarizing our materials. Expect a call from our attorney if you do. We do not tolerate theft.

Call us on: 608-254-7070 or 608-345-7403.


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