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Envelope Stuffing

Alright, alright. I admit it. I got scammed by an envelope stuffing scheme. But please give me a break! I was only 19 years old. Lets make this perfectly clear. All envelope stuffing opportunity are absolute and total scams. They are designed to generate business opportunity 'bulk mail' leads. They are all scams. Each and every one.

Basically the scam goes like this.

You find some ad in the back of an opportunities magazine. It tells you that you can earn up to 4 dollars an envelope just for stuffing them. They usually make you pay 29 or 30 dollars for a 'membership fee' in order to get started.

You will either (A) never hear from the company again, or (B) they will send you a bunch of mailing labels and a 'chain letter scam. In this scam they tell you to stick all of these address labels on an envelope and put your name at the top of a list that puts you in the next position to receive money if anybody else is stupid enough to send out money.

Usually 'A' is the scenario. You will never hear from these people again. If you do get a chain-letter in the mail. Throw it away, will you? It is trash. It is bunk. I hope you know this. If you screwed up and got suckered into an envelope stuffing scam, write a review about it ad put it on your website to help others.

BSA gives envelope stuffing 1 scull because you will probably not lose more than 100 dollars, but it is incredibly corrupt.

Envelope Stuffing

Just to set the record straight, all envelope stuffing opportunities are scams. I have been in the business opportunity market for 5 years professionally and 13 years personally and in that time I have never (I repeat NEVER) run across a legitimate envelope stuffing opportunity.

Why? Because they don't exist. What company would pay $1 to $10 for every envelope stuffed when there are machines that will stuff them for about 2 cents each? That is why envelope stuffing is a total scam.

My company has mailed out hundreds of thousands of letters over the last few years and we wouldn't pay that amount. No one would. Mailings that we made $17,000 off would quickly have shrunk to $2,000 because we would have spent $10,000 for the stuffing and $5,000 for the envelopes/sales letters/postage.

I will now explain how every envelope stuffing opportunity works: You see an ad that says you are going to be paid $1 for every envelope that you stuff (sometimes the money varies from $.50 to $5 per envelope). You mail in $29.95 or $39.95 for the system. Your package (actually a thin envelope) arrives a few weeks later.

You open what you receive and it says that you are to take out ads (just like the one you saw) and get other people to send in $1 for the information. When the $1 arrives you mail out the info and even get a commission off the $29.95. Sounds great for about ten seconds until you realize what happened. SCAM.

You just fell for one of the oldest scams in the book: Envelope stuffing. There is really a bigger problem with envelop stuffing. It doesn't work anymore. Yes, you used to be able to get a few people to send you the $1 for info but that is just silly nowadays. People won't send $1 for information on products anymore. The Internet is filled with pages of sales literature for free.

Why would someone pay for a brochure? They wouldn't and they won't. That is why envelope stuffing is a scam.

Matt Gagnon

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