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Medical Billing


I had a friend of mine scammed for 10,000 dollars in a medical billing 'seminar' fraud. It hit him pretty hard, but he got himself up and running again. he was promised a medical billing 'license' and a connection with doctors who would take him 'in the fold'

The bottom line is this: Medical doctors would never trust some person of the street to have access to confidential and sensitive medical records without serious training and recommendations! Medical billing is a real profession. People make money doing this. But you cannot get a mail-in degree for medical billing. Usually you have to get this work through experience or by working as a professional medical billing agent for a medical doctor. You will not make 50-100,000 dollars per year through some work at home program. It wont happen.

I am going to give Medical Billing 4 skulls because I had a friend who was taken for over 5,000 dollars. It was 10 grand for the seminar. He found out only afterwards that the whole program was fraudulent. By that time, it was too late. This story may be an exception, but it showed me that even if Medical Billing at home is authentic, there are enough people out there taking advantage of the ignorance of opportunity seekers that BSA will put a strong warning on this opportunity. We think its a scam. You start doing some filling for a doctor, work at his office. If he gets to know you and likes you, you will have access to this profession.

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