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Jay Abraham Keyword Market Research And Search Engine Marketing


Also see our "Jay Abraham In Reality" review.

Answer to Jay Abraham Quiz: Most people spend all of their money acquiring new customers when they should usually be increasing the size( back-end) of the transaction, or increasing the number of transactions from their current data-base. Many corporations waste their database and spend huge amounts of money trying to acquire new customers rather than developing intimate relationships with their database. (i.e. customers they already have).

Jay Abraham has a fantastic affiliate program, and you really should check it out. If you would like to know more about Jay Abraham's brilliant work, please feel free to call me at 608-254-7070 anytime. We will screen these calls for eligibility when you mention Jay Abraham and ask a serious of questions to pre-qualify you for a partner status. Partners who are interested in working with our Jay Abraham mentoring group can click visit the Jay Abraham Dream Team banner below.

Jay Abraham has one of the most powerful Audio CD presentations I have ever heard. One of the useful things he taught me is that once a business starts to succeed- people suddenly stop doing what is working. In general you want to be marketing all of the time in both passive and active ways- and you want to be spending at least 25% of the time marketing to your current database. The most simple and powerful thing Jay Abraham drives home is that business owners almost always overlook their own most valuable resource: their current customer list or database. To some business owners, this seems like an obvious place to start. But statistics have shown that most business owners are too busy acquiring new customers to markt to the ones they already have. This is a deadly sin of marketing.

Mistake of all mistakes: Forgetting to give value to your client

Jay Abraham shows us that if you lose sight of what is right in front of your face, you will lose BIG! He constantly emphasizes never to forget where you customer comes from. Never lose track of your attrition list. Always remember how and why you are in business. Show respect for your customers and clients even in the small things. Jay Abraham promises this will make a big difference in the end.

Jay Abraham suggests that you ask the following question:

"Am I really in touch with my customer and do I really understand their hopes, dreams, and fears?"



 Getting Everything You Can out of All You've Got: 21 Ways You Can out-Think, out-Perform and out-Earn the Competition

Jay Abraham On the Web: a keyword research Report:

Jay Abraham Yahoo, Jay Abraham Google and Jay Abraham MSN

Jay Abraham is an awesome marketer. I thought it would be interesting to see if there were any popular requests for him on the world wide web. I have taken many Jay Abraham seminars and courses and every single one has proven to be very useful. Jay Abraham used to be rather ignorant about the Internet. But now Jay Abraham has a comprehensive affiliate program that uses his killer offline strategies to his advantage . . . and yours. We like to use certain keyword tools for most of Jay Abraham marketing research.
No. Keyword   KEI Analysis Count 24Hrs Competing ..  
1 "JAY ABRAHAM FORUMS" is often queried but nobody has been smart enough to use Jay Abraham Forums on their website yet. 169.000 13 6 0
2 "books and courses by jay abraham used second hand" would probably be for people like "hardtofindseminars.com and other Jay Abraham keyword queries. 49.000 7 3 0
3 "Jay Abraham Mastermind Marketing Dec 2002" refers to Jay Abraham's fantastic (but very expensive mastermind seminar. 1.333 4 2 12
4 "Jay Abraham PDF Free" is people hunting ro jay Abraham's 21 power step, which is a must read. 0.781 5 2 32
5 "advertisement jay abraham" is a low competition keyword probably typed by Jay Abraham Affiliates as of late. 0.346 3 1 26
6 "jay abraham for your marketing eyes only" is a query for jay Abraham's famous "secret" document. (give me a break). 0.250 2 1 16
7 "jay abraham personal" is a search for Jay Abraham and his personal website which is here. 0.235 2 1 17
8 "Free Jay Abraham" is a search for free Jay Abraham marketing material. 0.069 6 3 518
9 "jay abraham review" is people looing for Jay Abraham reviews like ours. 0.039 2 1 103
10 "jay abraham" is queried often on Google but it is much harder to get a high ranking Jay Abraham website on Google than Yahoo. 0.030 56 24 105000
11 "Jay Abraham" is the caps version of the same jay Abraham query on Google. Wordtracker likes to differentiate the Jay Abraham terms. 0.002 15 6 105000

Generally you can assume that Jay Abraham keyword research is not completely accurate with wordtracker, because they do not have a real time update of their database. As a result, I usually advise my clients to multiply the results by 4-5 times the wordtracker results.

Now lets look at potential prospects querying Jay Abraham on Yahoo:

No. Jay Abraham Keyword Yahoo KEI Analysis Count 24Hrs Competing ..  
1 "JAY ABRAHAM FORUMS" is another query also on Yahoo. This has zero competition. 169.000 13 5 0
2 "books and courses by jay abraham used second hand" are also 49.000 7 3 0
3 "Jay Abraham PDF Free" is a yahoo query for Jay abrahams free offers. 25.000 5 2 0
4 "Jay Abraham Mastermind Marketing Dec 2002" is yahoo query for Jay Abraham's famous Master Mind intensive. 3.200 4 1 5
5 "jay abraham for your marketing eyes only" is the similar Google and Yahoo query for jay Abraham style headliner. 2.000 2 1 2
6 "advertisement jay abraham" is searches for people looking for Jay's ads, probably affiliates. 0.750 3 1 12
7 "jay abraham personal" is a google  and yahoo jay Abraham query. 0.267 2 1 15
8 "jay abraham review" is a search for Jay Abraham reviews.  Amazon has the top position and this horrible Jay Abraham directory has position number two. This should tell you a lot about Yahoo requirements. 0.250 2 1 16
9 "Free Jay Abraham" 0.162 6 2 222
10 "jay abraham" 0.015 56 20 215000
11 "Jay Abraham" 0.001 15 5 216000

Generally MSN is a search engine that is used by Internet Newbies. This does not mean that Internet Newbies are new to Jay Abraham, or that they do not own a corporation. So it is best to keep an eye on MSN since people are finding him on MSN.

No. Jay Abraham Keyword MSN KEI Analysis Count 24Hrs Competing ..  
1 "JAY ABRAHAM FORUMS" are also searched for on MSN. 169.000 13 3 0
2 "books and courses by jay abraham used second hand" are the same results found on Yahoo and Google. 49.000 7 2 0
3 "Jay Abraham PDF Free" is a PDF that Jay used to give away on the 21 power points of Abrahmism. 25.000 5 1 0
4 "Jay Abraham Mastermind Marketing Dec 2002" is a query for Jay's yearly Master Mind Group. 16.000 4 1 0
5 "jay abraham personal" is highly queried and ironically the position is owned by Carl Galetti. 4.000 2 1 1
6 "jay abraham for your marketing eyes only" is queried also on MSN for Jay Abraham with zero competition. 4.000 2 1 0
7 "advertisement jay abraham" is an msn query looking for advertising. 3.000 3 1 3
8 "Free Jay Abraham" is a msn query looking for free Jay Abraham material which he gives away to prospects. 1.241 6 2 29
9 "jay abraham review" is looking for reviews on MSN about Jay Abraham. 0.800 2 1 5
10 "jay abraham" is the small version of the Jay Abraham query which wordtracker software differentiates. 0.225 56 15 13950
11 "Jay Abraham" is also queried with Capitals. See also the Jay Abraham Affiliate program. 0.016 15 4 14307




























































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