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The lead industry is not exactly a scam unless you don't understand it. This is why I speak so highly of Matt Gagnon.

I can't seem to get very many people to admit that the 'lead' industry is a scam, so I don't talk about it anymore. Instead I have them buy Matt's Home Business Success Seminar so they can learn once and for all: A lead is not a lead is not a lead.

I see other people acknowledge Matt's level 0-6 lead system, but they don't really understand what it actually means. They think they are already 'doing' this system by putting a simple form on some affiliate website!  A website that gets a person to fill in a questionnaire but does not give away a unique quality product that educates them on your plan, is NOT a level 3 lead generator site. It is a level 2 at best. The unique quality product I am talking about here does not include some market saturated e-book. In my opinion, they have less and less value and so they no longer count. Few people value what is given away for free. Not really! There are exceptions to this, like a truly unique plan, and a truly unique angel or approach. Most people are now aware that free e-books are a way to sell them more crap which will teach them to sell more crap, which will teach them to sell more . . .  get it?

Generally, website that collects leads through free e-books  is still a level 2 or even a level 1 lead generator site. A level 3 lead is somebody who has actively raised their hand and hopefully even paid for information about your plan or product. If they have paid a little something, they are a level 3 in my book. These vague questions and over-general MLM surveys (what I call the 'home business opportunity junky resumes) -do not qualify in my book for a level 3 status. I'm pretty sure Matt Gagnon would partially agree with me. As I understand it, a level 4 lead is someone who has paid around 100 dollars for information and/or your product . . . while a level 5 is someone who has paid much more money. Level 3 and level 4 leads are not easily created by someone who is merely an affiliate that gives away somebody else's cheap internet-saturated e-book. They are also not easily generated by somebody who does not have a product or an 'angle' of their own. This is why it is better to create a values-lead company that will stand the test of time by providing real information, real products, and a real relationships with your client.

The silly argument continues:

Conversely, there is a myth that all leads can theoretically be made equal. I don't disagree. I have a mentor, Tony Seruga, who generates literally millions of dollars worth of leads every month. He would say: "Russell, a lead is a lead is a lead. It is the quality of the ad-copy, the product, the salesmanship, and the close that determines the quality of the lead."

 I agree, but only in the sense that you have already become more specific with your target market. Giant lead selling companies like to cluster the 'home business opportunity junky' into one big qualified heap. They often pretend these are great leads. This is total bunk.  But here is the main difference between Matt Gagnon's idea and Tony's comment to me: Matt is explaining the qualification process to an outsider, Tony is selling the leads to the outsider. Matt is trying to explain how to qualify your customer while Tony is assuming that you already know how to qualify them for yourself. 

The truth of the matter is this: In order to buy a super highly qualified leads from somebody else you are going to have to spend a lots and lots of money! Think about it. How much money does it cost to get someone to beat down your door demanding to buy your product? I used to joke with Matt that a level 8 lead is someone who calls you at 2 a.m. and threatens you and your family if you do not get up and sell them your e-book right then and there. ( Rumor has it that Mazu Publishing will be creating level 8 leads). To create a super-hot lead like this would cost a FORTUNE of course! Think about it. If it were easy and cost efficient to create leads like this, lead companies would make more money selling them their OWN products and services, not selling them as leads! In fact many of them do just that, and when they are all done, they sell that name to you as a lead just the same! So the whole idea is to teach you to generate these leads on your own. You must learn to fish for yourself. This is what BSA hopes to achieve. This is the core of Matt's Home Business Success Seminar.

So most lead companies are creating and selling leads to hundreds of business opportunity seekers of every conceivable type! They are generating what Matt Gagnon calls level 2 leads. Sometimes he would create what I call level 2 and 1/2 leads. For example, Business Builder Leads was a company founded by Robert Blackman. Robert is an expert telemarketer. He can close like 2 out of 5 people in a cold calling situation. I bought several hundred dollars worth of leads from this company, and basically they were what Matt Gagnon calls 'fertilizer' leads. They were not worth calling. They were, however, really good to send e-mails to! Any response I got from one of these level 2 thru 2 and 1/2 leads would then encourage me to call them. The response depended on the quality of the 'hoops' I had them jump through! 

In summary, you will save literally hundreds of hours when you understand the different hoops that a customer needs to jump through in order to qualify for your time! This is why working with BSA and Mazu Publishing is a really good idea! In this way, you will not waste money on advertising before you understand the qualifying process. This process is almost as important as the product itself! We look forward to working with you.

BSA gives buying leads 2 skulls because it is effective when you know what you're doing, and expensive when you don't. It is not uncommon to spend around 200 dollars for bad leads.  

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