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Tony Seruga is a mystery. He is Mr. 'X'.  He seems to live behind the scenes. He is a legend in many circles. Everybody says something different about him. Most know nothing. He is an advisor of advisors. A mentor of mentors. He is the consultant and internet mentor to such people as Jay Abraham, Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen and too many others to mention. He creates and sells too many systems to mention. He owns too many websites to mention. There is a good chance that one of the websites you clicked on today is controlled by his network. He is everywhere at once. Tony makes so many claims about what projects he has masterminded and what famous people he has worked with, that at first you think he is outright lying! After 2 years of tracking his warp signature (as they say in Star Trek), it has become clear that he is telling the truth. The fact that I had an opportunity to spend time with him is an absolute fluke. But what a wild ride it was!

 I had the good fortune to be a part of a private mentoring club created by Tony Seruga. I did not always think that this opportunity was a blessing. Tony  has such a powerful mind that he makes multi-tasking look easy to the newbie. He has everything systematized so it looks too easy to the outsider. Legend has it he is the only person on earth to have actually downloaded the entire internet onto his computer. But if you are a beginner and you try to imitate him, you will be destroyed. It 's that simple. He's far too fast for most beginners. This guy should be taking over corporations (which he does), not mentoring the average 'home business opportunity' junky. Anyway, he himself said club XXX was an experiment.

 Club XXX was a teaching forum that was put together by Tony Seruga and one of my business partners and mentors CB Schottland. Some people consider club XXX a failure. I consider it a monumental success, because it showed me how a genius thinks. On my SOS system, it showed me how to 'start where you are'. In other words: "Don't try to be something your not until you realize who you are.

In 'Club XXX' Tony was really providing information that would be useful to the small business owners or to the marketing division of the large corporation. He would back-end a lot of products inside the 'members only' website. He never told us exactly what to buy. He was giving us huge amounts of rope to hang ourselves with, which is exactly what I did.  He was offering HUGE amounts of information about absolutely everything in the business world at many different levels. This is how his mind works. He was also putting 'Club XXX' members through lots of boot-camp training which I hated him for at the time. In retrospect it really paid off. For example one of the projects was to set up a 'Secret of the Big Dogs' system. I had already done this program, and basically thought it was stupid. He told me to do it again, and this time 'pay attention'. In the end he was right. Here's why:

Under Tony's guidance I developed certain kinds of online organizational skills that are difficult to match. I can track ads in my sleep. I can show you every free-ad, e-zine, FFA list, start-page, mirror page, viral marketing scam website on the internet. Although I have not downloaded the entire internet onto my hardrive, I have come pretty close. In 'Club XXX' I learned the difference between real advertising and fake-clicks. There are many other things that I learned in this forum. Tony Seruga and his wife Yolonda treated us very very well. He showered his students with monetary gifts and a massive gourmet food banquet in Chicago. I got to ride in his limousine. He gave me a taste of the good life. In the end Tony tried really hard to slow down for me! In five months I learned what some people will not learn in five years. I was simply not ready for his speed, so I was spun out of the mix like many many others.

Here's what I really learned:

Pick your mentors carefully. Watch your expectations carefully. When you find a mentor that is too far beyond your capacity to understand and you cannot grasp his language, it may be better to call him back when you are ready.  And you will be ready someday! some mentors are money magnets, but they can only teach to a more affluent audience. My only complaint about 'Club XXX' is that a mentor should understand the financial IQ of his group before taking them on as students otherwise he is doing them a disservice.  The membership screening process for 'Club XXX', and other clubs like it, should be similar to the SEC's requirement for investor relations: you need to already have a certain amount of money to qualify.

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