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I am frustrated with SMC right now. I have a client who is having a difficult time getting her money back. I don't think SMC is a bad company because of this. On the other hand, I know they are not a 'great' company. Theirs is the same problem I find with many other opportunities that have expensive infomercials offering a home business: 'They overcharge for the cost of internet websites'.

It is a shame that so many people do not know that the websites they are being sold are overpriced. I ran into this with Dean Graziosi's kit as well. It is like pulling teeth to get SMC customer service give my client her website. It is really just a slightly customized affiliate link. She can only market 5 or 10 products on the thing. She still as to do her own promotion.  For the 1-2 thousand dollar range, I understand that you can purchase a larger site with promotional packages etc. This package is misleading as well, because SMC still suggests that you do heavy promotion for your products offline, at flea markets and swap meets. SMC has thousands of nick-nacks to be retailed.  Finally, my client got so frustrated, she asked me to help her get her money back.

One of the big problems for SMC is going to be the older infomercial audience. Many people who are attracted to Tom Bosley's infomercial pitch are the nick-nack buying crowd. These are senior citizens. 'Not that there's anything wrong with that' -to borrow the words of Jerry Sienfeld. This is SMC's target audience. The housewife or the senior citizen who is tired of feeling financially helpless and is seduced into starting a nick-nack business. Hey! Nick-nacks are BIG business! The only problem is these folks don't have much of an internet learning curve. As a result they don't have a realistic understanding of the value of internet technology. As another result they pay really high prices. I don't think SMC is a scam, I just think they need to provide better mentoring for their senior citizens. When my client called back, they said she had not called back in time to be mentored for the website she had purchased for 195 dollars. This makes me really really mad.

Apparently my business partner, Matt Gagnon talked to a big-wig at SMC. I have put Matt's review below.

BSA gives
The SMC Opportunity

 2 and one half stars. (not great).


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