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Are you developing new AdSense web sites? Why not get a head start on everyone else...

xSiteProTemplates from EverythingButComputers are designed to be fast loading, clean ansd easy to use.

xSitePro 'AdSense' Templates are pre-coded to use 'tokens' - if you don't understand the use of tokens, don't worry, the way I have built the code into to the 'header' means that everytime you create a new page... the pages 'title' is automatically displayed for you.... in the 'Header' of every page!
If you utilise 'keywords' to create pages, with this built in techque your 'keywords' will be automatiacllly displayed on every page... A brilliant idea!

The AdSense adverts displayed are for tutorial purposes only, to make them fully active you need to add 'your' publisher details inside the code.
Note sure how to do it? Here's a quick tip...
Open 'Tools' on the top menu, scroll down to 'Google AdSense' and change the information to match your own.
AdSense adverts should be color co-ordinated to match this template. Simply 'right' click -> choose 'AdSense Properties' and then 'you account' from the drop down box to retain the settings.

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