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Search Engine Scams

Please do not buy any search engine optimization software, e-mail harvesting software, link master software, or any other type of 'guaranteed top ranking' programs and/or services until you first purchase Matt Gagnon's Home Business Success Seminar. Find a good web page optimization consultant who will answer simple questions and make no guarantees.

Think about it. You have this gigantic dynamic system called the 'search engine'. Tens of millions of pages per hour are being submitted for spidering (approval). Until very recently, there has been so much change in this system that even professional internet multi-millionaires could not get a team of staff members to guarantee top rankings with their own websites! I know this for a fact because somebody I worked with who has an excellent team but was still challenged by the massive and daily page submissions. THE INTERNET IS TOO BIG TO GUARANTEE ANYTHING!

I strongly recommend that you use our recommended search optimizer consultant. We recommend his package because he will tell you the honest truth about what he can and cannot guarantee. He will optimize your webpage and give you suggestions for the future.

WARNING: Don't buy search engine optimization software or services until you are ready to use it! I made the big mistake of buying the 'web position gold' software before I was prepared. Honestly, there are things that this software is good for and things that it is not. Suffice it to say there is NO software that will rush your website to the top of the list. Web page optimization is simply too sophisticated. You cannot completely automate it!

The internet is moving more and more towards PPC search engines. Pay per click is very likely the wave of the future. Let our consultant optimize your page as you begin to study PPC methodology.

The best way to optimize a website is to think long term and provide real content with excellent keyword density.

Avoid paying a single dollar on search engine optimization until you have some idea of how search engines work. This way you will avoid the rampant scams. Use our service.

BSA gives this category 4 skulls because you can spend over 5000 dollars on this scam if you are not careful.


Search Engine Scams

By Matt Gagnon

Search engine scams abound but probably not in the way that you think. There are plenty of people who understand the search engines (in general) and how you can use them to promote your business.

The scams really take on two or three different forms that are created for nothing other than milking people who don't understand how they work. Here are some of the top search engine scams and what to watch out for:

People who claim they have mastered the engines: There are a lot of people who claim they can get any web page ranked at any position, for any word and in any search engine of their choosing. Unfortunately for people who spend money with them, that isn't the case. As a person that works with the engines a lot, the engines can be manipulated but not mastered.

Products that claim to work with the engines really don't work with them at all: There are no companies at this time that actually work with any of the analyzers, submitters or page creators because the engines don't want people messing with them. There are rules for each engine and they can be learned and strategies can be formed. That is a lot different from getting any ranking that you want.

The search engines look at twenty or thirty different criteria for every page that you submit. I can tell you eight or ten things that you can do to increase your rankings (it has helped us a great deal) but that still doesn't allow you to master the search engines. Search engines are not animals that you domesticate, tell what to do and sit back.

They are programs that are constantly being changed by programmers so their results are always different. While search engine placement is something that we ourselves have gotten quite adept at, we can't at this time recommend that you spend thousands of dollars on services that claim to do it for you.

We don't want to plug anything here but we do have a nice section in our book about submitting and some of the tricks of the trade. :)

When it comes to figuring what is a search engine scam and what is just a good strategy, it comes down to what works and what doesn't work. Don't spend a bunch of money on anything else.

Matt Gagnon

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