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I really like John Cummuta's way of approaching the average consumer debt problem. At least right up to the point where he tells me to cut up my credit cards! But I get his point. He sells an information product and a computer software program called 'Transforming Debt into Wealth'.

However. I don't think the price he is asking for his seminar is reasonable at all. I would not charge a customer 300 dollars to tell them to cut up there credit cards. I think that is silly. I don't really think most people will do it. The problem is that most people will not really learn about their deeper financial failure programming in this manner. If you decide to spend 300 dollars, I would recommend that you buy Robert Kiyosaki's mentoring seminar only AFTER you buy ours. Before you buy any seminars at all, please go through the steps in our SOS system.

John Cummuta's seminar is really very good, especially the audio series. It is an excellent series for the family that is learning to become more frugal and more waste conscious. He goes over the basic ways to cut corners and make ends meet. His primary 'system' which includes his software is called the 'Accelerator Margin' principle. It goes something like this:

When you have debt on several credit cards, you should take 10% of your monthly income and pay the credit card debt determined by his software program. You put all of that amount on the card in question, every month, until it is paid off. When you have paid that off, you add the monthly payment of that card to the your accelerator margin and start paying the next credit card off. And so on. Your accelerator margin keeps going up as you add the monthly payments of credit cards you have paid off. When you are done with that, you start paying off your home mortgage. (If you plan to stay in the house).

Its not a bad system at all! It's also not really his. I've seen it around in a few other places, in various other forms. He simply lays it out really well. Would I pay 300 bucks to learn it? Nope. Even so, I really really like Mr. Cummuta. He is a friendly person and a good speaker, I will give his program 2 and 1/2 stars 


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