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The system of systems. (SOS)


Step 2.

"Implement the DIRT system".


Step 2 is to implement the DIRT system immediately and review your situation with it daily. If you have spent time with step 0 and step 1, it is time to create both a strategy and a tactic. Step 2 in the SOS system will allow you to create both. A strategy is a plan that stretches out over time. It has to do with long term goals and agendas. A tactic is something that involves right now. Tactical procedures have to do with the battle, not the war. Strategies have to do with the war.  Most people are caught up in the tactical. Either they, or their company are simply trying to get from one month to the next or from paycheck to paycheck. This is not a strategy. It is the tactic of crisis management. If you really think about it, it is easy to understand why most people are caught up in this behavior! It is because they do not have time to get rich. They are too focused on the pennies to pay attention to the dollars. "I'm too broke to get rich", they say. Whatever you believe, you are right. However, it is a true thing that you cannot give a starving man scripture without giving him bread first. this is what the DIRT system is all about.

is for daily income.

It is a very good idea to have cashflow coming in every day. Have this before you start large investing or seeking get-rich -quick schemes. Exceptions to this are the SIT system described below. Almost everyone fails to get rich over night. Almost everyone finds themselves in immense emotional stress if they suddenly have no daily income. They cannot focus on the war because they are getting killed in daily battle. This is nothing to take lightly when speaking to your clients and customers. When you are selling an mediocre opportunity by 'hyping it up' you are not concerning yourself with your customers 'D' or tactical situation. This lack of consideration is an exact recipe for a short term business relationship.  So when Matt Gagnon started telling me about the DIRT system, I thought it was a great idea. Most of my long term business partners have gone through thick and thin with me. I have seen them go broke and I have seen them get rich. I have seen them fail nine times only to get rich on the tenth deal. This website is number ten for me. Through all of this I have watched my associates overcome their struggle with cash-flow only by implementing (knowingly or unknowingly) the DIRT system. Find a way to have some money coming in on a daily basis that perhaps does not require 40 hours a week. We will post some ideas about this on the employed and self-employed quadrant. You can even find ways to work for cash part time that do not require you to be an employee. Do not throw out the 'baby with the bathwater' when it comes to the D. You already have some sort of passion or clear direction that you enjoy. It may not be making you enough money. It will simply require you to think differently about what you are doing in order to apply it with financial intelligence. Don't give up.

is for investment income.

Once you have understood the need for daily income you are ready for very basic investing. For the sake of our SOS system, the I in DIRT is for investment research. Do not attempt to perform sophisticated investing until you have graduated from my SOS system, or until you have moved into step 3 and are 'paper trading' with a mentor. Paper trading is another word for 'fake investing' of any kind. You may shop for real estate, but do not buy it. You may watch the stocks, but only paper trade. You may start looking for a business to start, but do not buy it until you have finished all the steps in the SOS system. Find an investment market that intrigues you, but do not spend a dime. Start very very small. Your first investment technology in this system should begin with trisecting your piggy bank.  My mentor Robert Kiyosaki promotes what I call the SIT system. It is powerful for the beginner. You have 3 separate piggy banks, and everyday you put the same amount in each of them starting with as much as you can afford. One of the jars is S or Savings. The I is investing, and the T is tithing, or giving. It is important to understand that once you have managed to put a dollar in each jar, try adding zeros to the amount you put in each. For example if 1 dollar a day is easy for you make it 10 dollars a day. If 10 is easy, go for 100. Whatever the amount you decide to put in, make sure it is realistic but that it also makes you sweat just a little. Most people cannot even perform this simple daily piggy bank task. Do not borrow from your piggy banks. Most people do not do this even when they are told it will discipline them for immense wealth. If they could discover the reason why they cannot perform one simple little task they would also discover THE reason they cannot take action and som remain broke! This is because they do not understand the power of habit- or because they already have money. They may be satisfied with what they have. They do not understand that Tony Robbins still uses the SIT system. So does Mr. Kiyosaki and other wealthy mentors. These people put in millions of dollars per piggy bank instead of the hundreds.

is for residual.

You need to be working on a residual income. You must begin thinking in terms of residual income, and moving towards any ideas and innovations that point you in this direction. A residual income in sales is much different than regular direct sales. For example, if I am a car salesman and I sell a Jeep Cherokee on my lot, I will make a commission on that sale. I do not make any more money unless that customer returns in a year to buy a new car. This is NOT a residual income. Another example is the real estate agent. If I am a real estate agent and I train a partner in real estate, they can go out and open their own firm. I have just trained my direct competition. A residual income is something that is not as threatened by these kinds of competitive scenarios.

For example in Network Marketing you train your business partners to compete with you ON PURPOSE so that you may profit from their success. There is no worry about creating competition. If you sell a Jeep Cherokee and your customer goes and tells their friends, you will not receive a share of the profit when they go and buy a a Jeep in another town. In Network Marketing you do. Just like shady car dealers, there are shady Network Marketing companies.

Another example of a residual income is copyright royalties from songs, books, games, photographs, movies and other intellectual property rights. All of these need legal protecting and can provide income as long as they are used in any situation. For example, my wife used to be a professional weightlifter and model. I was standing in line at the supermarket when I picked up a magazine called 'Shape'. On page 48 I spotted a rather attractive women and to my astonishment, realized that it was my wife Ramona. We called the photographer and began the long ordeal of making him pay for the use of the photograph. In the end she had not signed the correct paperwork to allow her a residual use of the photograph. This mistake occurred largely because she was young and not as financially educated as she is now. The moral to the story is: Protect your intellectual and artistic properties.

There are many other residual based incomes that have varying degrees of risk

is for Taxes.

You can hear more about the 'T' when you buy Matt's seminar in our products section. 'T' is for taxes. The main thing to understand is it is not how much your earn, but how much you keep. It doesn't matter how much money you make if you are bad at managing your money. If you are not applying the SOS system, or at least the DIRT system, you probably are not keeping what you should. If you are not in business for yourself you are probably not keeping what you could be keeping. If you want to know more, go back to Step 0, "Begin with the end in mind".

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