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The system of systems. (SOS) Stop wasting money on how-to's.

Step 3.

"Find a Mentor."

Step three in the SOS system is to find a mentor. More importantly know that there is a difference between a mentor and an advisor. You will have many different advisors, for example your accountant, your tax attorney, your computer technician . . . but you will probably have one 'Mentor' (with a capital M) at a time. Choose your Mentor carefully. You will have several over the course of your lifetime, but the one that comes at the right place and the right time will seem to be 'YOUR GURU'. You will make bucket loads of money all of the sudden.  This is because YOU were finally ready, for whatever reason, to hear what other mentors have been trying to tell you all along. Sometimes a very 'pure' or 'selfless' mentor will slow down enough to explain something to you. He does it at a speed that is slow enough for you to grasp. He is often losing money when he does this. Robert Kiyosaki was like that for me. Also, Matt Gagnon was the first marketing mentor that explained something to me in a way I could understand it. When you have a teacher that implants a 'symbol' or 'system'  into your mind that encompasses and dissolves all of your question and confusions, you will suddenly have the courage to take action. "When the student is ready the teacher appears'. It may seem like this type of 'GURU'  is a better mentor. Usually you are simply ripe for the teaching. The purpose of this website is to help you CHOOSE a mentor who is at your speed and who is focusing on your primary interests. It is also designed to honestly determine your current speed. The key concept is 'current speed'.

I have an extremely wealthy mentor named Tony Seruga. I was involved in a mentoring system with him called XXX or XXXX group. This was a life changing event that changed my 'mind' and my thought patterns. For several months I was saturated with the most powerful and overwhelming business and marketing information on the planet. Unfortunately, I was still in kindergarten, and Tony was living at light speed. He was teaching to the small business owner, and I was still an employee or self employed. I was simply unable to grasp his teaching  in order to take real practical action! One of the most powerful things I learned in my early days with Tony Seruga is that almost everybody tries to blame their mentor or guru for not 'making them rich'. This is the wrong attitude. Just because you are not ready for an advanced guru does not mean 2 years later something he said will not make you big bucks. In fact it has happened to me. Tony is probably the busiest man on the planet. I got a call on the telephone today from a telemarketer who works for 'PMG marketing group'. They operate the sales team for Mr. Jay Abraham, one of my marketing and sales mentors. This friendly fellow said he knew Tony Seruga. When I asked him in three words or less to describe Tony, he said . . . "Busy"!

I had another powerful GURU named Jirka Rysavy. Jirka was an Olympic gold medalist hurdler and CEO of the fortune 500 company 'Corporate Express'. A truly amazing guy. He sent me to marketing and television editing college in 1998. I was too young to realize what he had done for me at the time. During this period I had an amazing opportunity to observe him create a startup company called 'Transecon' which has now become Gaiam, Inc.  He said something to me one day which I will never forget. One day I was trying to do 'everything at once'. Busy, busy, busy. (This is a terrible habit of mine and a habit that burdens many creative people). He poked his head inside my office and said "If you focus on EVERYTHING you get nothing done!" I instantly fell into a deep meditation. This is true! You see there is a difference between the 'busy busy busy' habits of Tony Seruga, Jay Abraham, and Jirka Rysavy and the busy habits of  unsuccessful and non-productive people who complain about money!  Even if this sounds like hype it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE: If you discover what that difference is, you will be wealthy- even beyond wealthy . . . because the technology these people apply is not really about money.

I am going to tell you what the difference is. For free.

They systematize everything in a non-linear way.

That is your next step.


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