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The system of systems. (SOS) Stop wasting money on how-to's.

Step 7.

"Own your business." 

"Own your business, don't let your business own you"
. - Michael Gerber

If you have already completed step 4 in our SOS system, you will understand the power of systematizing your habits. Most people create a business that would collapse if they were not around. some people choose to start a home based businesses. The ones we recommend are cookie cutter and partially automated, but they will still require something of you. You will still have to understand marketing and have a mentor and advisor who wants to help you succeed.  Even if you start a network marketing company part time, we believe you should first study and understand marketing. Many of these types of companies limit the marketing you may implement. The limit the ways you may acquire customers. Some of them charge you big bucks for training and seminars and make most of their money in this way, instead of the products they pretend to sell. We think this is dumb. We have created a website that explores the various limitations of dozens of network marketing opportunities. Yes we explain which companies we finally recommend based on our professional marketing criteria, but we really want you to find the business opportunity that is right for you

The biggest problem for most businesses is that they are not really businesses. Most people buy a job not a business. They are tactical not strategic. In other words, they spend years building a business that does not provide a residual income. It operates from month to month. It collapses when they get sick, go on vacation, of retire. They have built a job, not a business. They think they are on the 'B' quadrant, and they may be taxed like the 'B' quadrant, but they live on the 'E' quadrant like everyone else. E is for 'enslaved'.

The most powerful system to understand and explore automated business systems is Michael Gerber's E-myth marketing system. This system is Step 7. in our SOS system. Read and listen to Michaels material only when you have completed SOS steps 1-6. For more information on Mr. Gerber and his truly transforming ideas, contact us at 608-254-7070.

Just remember, the strategic goal of any business is to create a passive income for you, and ultimately sell it. If you have completed step 0-7 effectively, you will have a positive cash flow on your financial statement. Begin with the end in mind.


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We could not say enough about the electronic ecurrency exchange merchant program, so we put up another website dedicated to the future of global ecurrency (electronic currency) and the ecurrency exchange merchant business opportunity program. This is by far the most powerful money making system we have ever seen. By the amount of time it takes to learn, it is also the most "realistic" opportunity we have ever seen. It is well worth spending the 30 days to learn this system.


The ecurrency exchange merchant opportunity is not really a "get-rich-quick" program which is why we gave it our five star rating.

 If you have any questions please visit our ecurrency website called http://www.ecurrency.tv and join our mentoring group where you will avoid the pitfalls that we spent years collectively learning. Call us at 608-254-7070 and ask to speak to Leroy, Russell or Jean. Leroy runs our Ecurrency Merchant Exchange business full time.

We have the most powerful Ecurrency Merchant Trading "Online VideoTraining" mentorship programs on the market. You will also have access to real people not just automated videos and "fly by night" Camtasia tutorials. The folks you will meet learning this system you will know for many years.

When you buy our start up training package, it is only the beginning.  You will learn in DAYS what it has taken some of us YEARS to learn. You will not find a more skilled, concise, or educated Ecurrency Merchant Exchange think-tank mentoring system on the web!

We can't wait to meet you and get started!

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