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The system of systems. (SOS) Stop wasting money on how-to's.

Step 2D.

"Implement the DIRT system".

is for daily income.

It is a very good idea to have cash flow coming in every day. Have this before you start large investing or seeking get-rich -quick schemes. Exceptions to this are the SIT system described below. Almost everyone fails to get rich over night. Almost everyone finds themselves in immense emotional stress if they suddenly have no daily income. They cannot focus on the war because they are getting killed in daily battle. This is nothing to take lightly when speaking to your clients and customers. When you are selling an mediocre opportunity by 'hyping it up' you are not concerning yourself with your customers 'D' or tactical situation. This lack of consideration is an exact recipe for a short term business relationship.  So when Matt Gagnon started telling me about the DIRT system, I thought it was a great idea. Most of my long term business partners have gone through thick and thin with me. I have seen them go broke and I have seen them get rich. I have seen them fail nine times only to get rich on the tenth deal. This website is number ten for me. Through all of this I have watched my associates overcome their struggle with cash-flow only by implementing (knowingly or unknowingly) the DIRT system. Find a way to have some money coming in on a daily basis that perhaps does not require 40 hours a week. We will post some ideas about this on the employed and self-employed quadrant. You can even find ways to work for cash part time that do not require you to be an employee. Do not throw out the 'baby with the bathwater' when it comes to the D. You already have some sort of passion or clear direction that you enjoy. It may not be making you enough money. It will simply require you to think differently about what you are doing in order to apply it with financial intelligence. Don't give up.

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