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The system of systems. (SOS) Stop wasting money on how-to's.

Step 2R.

"Implement the DIRT system". 

is for residual.

You need to be working on a residual income. You must begin thinking in terms of residual income, and moving towards any ideas and innovations that point you in this direction. A residual income in sales is much different than regular direct sales. For example, if I am a car salesman and I sell a Jeep Cherokee on my lot, I will make a commission on that sale. I do not make any more money unless that customer returns in a year to buy a new car. This is NOT a residual income. Another example is the real estate agent. If I am a real estate agent and I train a partner in real estate, they can go out and open their own firm. I have just trained my direct competition. A residual income is something that is not as threatened by these kinds of competitive scenarios.

For example in Network Marketing you train your business partners to compete with you ON PURPOSE so that you may profit from their success. There is no worry about creating competition. If you sell a Jeep Cherokee and your customer goes and tells their friends, you will not receive a share of the profit when they go and buy a a Jeep in another town. In Network Marketing you do. Just like shady car dealers, there are shady Network Marketing companies.

Another example of a residual income is copyright royalties from songs, books, games, photographs, movies and other intellectual property rights. All of these need legal protecting and can provide income as long as they are used in any situation. For example, my wife used to be a professional weightlifter and model. I was standing in line at the supermarket when I picked up a magazine called 'Shape'. On page 48 I spotted a rather attractive women and to my astonishment, realized that it was my wife Ramona. We called the photographer and began the long ordeal of making him pay for the use of the photograph. In the end she had not signed the correct paperwork to allow her a residual use of the photograph. This mistake occurred largely because she was young and not as financially educated as she is now. The moral to the story is: Protect your intellectual and artistic properties.

There are many other residual based incomes that have varying degrees of risk


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