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The system of systems. (SOS) Stop wasting money on how-to's.

Step 4.

"Systematize all things."

In other words, anything that they do in every moment -if there is a possibility that they may do it again, they begin to create a system out of it. They do this so they will know where they put their coat. They will know where they put their check-book. They will know what the BALANCE of their checkbook is. They will know who the person is that will balance their checkbook. They know the limitations of the person who is balancing their checkbook. And his strengths. Everything is systematized so that it will eventually operate on its own. If the system breaks down, they make corrections and start again. They also systematize the corrections. For example, they know where the coat is because they have a system for the coat rack, they know where the checkbook is because they have a place for that, but one day the person who balances the checkbook screwed up. No worries! They also have a system that  records errors. They have accounted for that possibility and create a system to marginalize errors. But that's not all! They can sell you the coat, the coat rack, the checkbook, the paper its printed on, the bank the money is in, and a few other things along the way.  In fact, they can sell you the entire system for a hansom fee. This is called a franchise. They may even recommend a good accountant, and you will find they own the accounting firm!

My mentor Tony Seruga was especially systematized, yet non-linear. I could not understand it until much later. Jirka Rysavy, Jay Abraham, Robert Kiyosaki and others have manifested similar patterns! In fact Matt Gagnon, CB Schottland, Tim Altvater and my other advisors have very non-linear systems that they are 'running' either knowingly or unknowingly.

Begin to create systems! The best systems teacher I know is Michael Gerber who wrote the book called 'E-Myth Marketing', but this is step 7 in the SOS system. Step 4 is to simply beginning looking for things that can be systematized. Start paying attention. Get ready for an automated business. Begin to develop systems. Begin to understand the value of systems. Remain FLEXIBLE in the systems that you are creating: This is yet another system! Include adaptability and change into your systems. This is why I call my system the 'SOS' or system of systems, because it is all inclusive. There is nothing that cannot be systematized, including the 'letting go' of the system itself. (Commonly called 'Selling your business'). But lets not get ahead of ourselves in the SOS system. We have not yet started a business. Remember, if you do not have a plan, your are part of someone else's!  What do you want?

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