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The system of systems. (SOS) Stop wasting money on how-to's.

Step 8.

"Return to Step 0."

I know you may have heard it before.

Here it is again. Real estate investing is probably the most educational and most 'tangible' investment you can study. Once you get trained in real estate investing, you understand many aspects of many business technologies. This is because so many skills are required to become successful in real estate investing. With a good mentor, you develop quickly and on a larger financial scale than you thought possible. You will get over your fears and lack of business knowledge at the highest level. You will change your habits and your small-mindedness. You will begin to understand economy, positive cash flow, and human behavior in a new way.

Invest in real estate. Do not listen to negative information about real estate deals gone bad, zero money down nightmares and other negative people who have not taken the time to get properly mentored. If you have already gone through the SOS system steps 1-6 you were asked to choose an investment interest in the DIRT system. If you did NOT choose real estate in step 2 (DIRT), Step 7 is where you choose real estate. By now you are making enough money that it is in your best interest to invest in real estate for tax purposes. You will need to begin a study of real estate and find a mentor to assist you in your first deal. If you did choose real estate in step 2, you have probably begun to understand the powerful financial benefits of investing in it. If you have arrived at Step 7, you have successfully implemented steps 0-6. This means you have a positive cash-flow and need to use the tax benefits of owning real estate. We have reviewed all of the real estate mentors that we have studied, including Carleton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, Claude Diamond, and many others.

As your real estate portfolio starts to get thicker, you will find that you have escaped the left side of the quadrant altogether. Your monthly income now exceeds your monthly expenses on your personal financial statement. You have made it!

All of this success began with a simple choice. This is what Robert Kiyosaki calls 'Choosing to be rich'. At BSA we want you to get more specific about what that choice actually is for you. The fact remains that choosing the right side is a strategic choice, not a tactical one. This is what we want to emphasize at BSA. Here is the key:

      Although 'choosing the right side' is a strategic choice not a tactical one, we will show you how to remove uncertainty and self doubt by aligning all tactical choices with strategic plans. Remember, a tactical choice is 'how am I going to survive today, right now in this moment'. A tactical approach for most people is surviving paycheck to paycheck. A strategic choice is how will my children go to college and how will I buy my first house or my first piece of real estate. How can I get out of the rat race. How can I get my social security beefits. Most people are too busy surviving to become wealthy. They don't understand how the choices they are making right now prevent them from becoming wealthy. They would rather make a safe tactical choice (get up and go to the job) instead of an intelligent strategic one. (Work part time while starting their own business). At BSA we partner with you to support the integration of your tactical and strategic plans so that we may all become wealthy together.  Everyone's situation is different.  

We want to be on your team, and we want you on ours. We want you to understanding that choosing to be rich is not just a strategic choice (something that you set goals for and hold your breath). But it is something that is tactical, that you must take action on right now based on where you are right now! We will continue to provide a forum for the exchange of money making ideas and financial tactical advantages while increasing the financial IQ and long term financial goals of our clients, partners and friends!


Russell Wright

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